Once again, couldn’t help but use this blog to mention a great product. This time, I received from Influenster a Boots Botanics Clay Mask to try out for free. It’s awesome! I have sensitive and oily skin, so it’s tough to find the right kind of face-care products. The mask did make me break out a bit the first time I used it; but not the second time. And it works wonders on my oil without totally drying me out and without upsetting my sensitive skin. I definitely will continue to use it, and I have to recommend it to you all! #PowerOfPlants

Dry Shampoo!

This isn’t what I normally use my blog for, but I couldn’t help it in this case… I just have to recommend Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo to all of you! It’s by far the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. Really great for post-workout and on those mornings I’m just running late. My only negative comment is about the product’s description… “Get the perfect hair (and the perfect guy!) before all the other girls!” Why is the competition necessary? and why does it have to be about getting a guy? Kind of lame… But. the product itself is great!